ITES 2021: Manage your users, workstations and applications

by | Aug 4, 2021 | News & Events

In July, we had the opportunity to participate at the ITES 2021, the eighth edition of this “Innovation Summit”.This event, organized by the CRiP (the IT Infrastructure and Production Managers Club), seeks to bring together all the actors of the IT eco-system to discuss around the French innovation.

The ITES brings together many CIOs and CISOs around different presentation formats such as round table, keynote or short pitch. It was for this last format that Vincent Cardon, president of Tranquil IT, was invited to speak at this edition.

The objective of this pitch, available in text or video, is to demonstrate the relevance of WAPT in cybersecurity.

Discover WAPT at ITES 2021

When a cybersecurity company tries to sell you something, they are trying to sell you an extra lock on your front door. My job is to help you discover and close your open windows!

But how do we do it? Tranquil IT is the creator of a software called WAPT. Originally, it stood for “Apt for Windows”. The linuxians among you will understand what that means, as well as the power of the product.

For the rest of us, WAPT is software that helps system administrators deploy software, configurations and updates to their Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. And to top it all off, WAPT has been certified by the ANSSI, proof that it works great!

So, if you’ve been having trouble implementing telecommuting in your organization, WAPT is definitely a tool that can help you.

Why does Tranquil IT claim to be DevSecOps?

Each pitch is followed by a question. Here is the transcript of the second part of Vincent Cardon’s speech:

Philippe Roux: It seems very clear to me. I see “DevSecOps” written below your logo. Why did you choose this baseline?

In IT, and especially in cybersecurity, you need buzz words. This is the only one you will find on our entire website and on all our documentation! And yet, I am very attached to this baseline. This baseline is our story! Originally, we are system administrators who developed the software that helped us to do our job as an IT experts.

Then, we were approached by the ANSSI, which found that our software had several very interesting features. So we focused the development of our software on security.

Now, “DevSecOps” is not just a buzzword for us. It’s a corporate culture. Feet on the ground, security in the head!

And that’s it for this short presentation of tranquil IT and WAPT. You can also enjoy Vincent’s presentation at ITES 2019. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will be available to discuss.


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