About us

Every day, we’re proud to live and share our simple, wholesome values
through our business and the relationships we build.


Once upon a time …

Founded in 2002 by Vincent and Denis CARDON, Tranquil IT is a French, family-owned company. Its historical outsourcing activity for public authorities and SMEs has led Tranquil IT to find methods to optimize its day-to-day outsourcing.

In 2012, WAPT, whose name evokes apt-get for Windows, was born, first to help us. With the same purpose in mind, Tranquil IT is simultaneously developing its expertise, now unique in Europe, in Samba-AD. Customers for whom we were providing occasional services based on our systems and network administration know-how realized what WAPT was already capable of, so they supported us in transforming WAPT into a real software package.

Today, WAPT enables businesses and government agencies to deploy software, configurations, updates and operating systems across a Windows, Linux and macOS estate safely and efficiently. Samba-AD enables the management of identities, authentications and authorizations within a company or administration.

use of the WAPT console

What matters to us

Making complex things simple

WAPT is simple, the excellence of the product tends to decrease the need for support and empowers the users in your organization.

We sell our unique expertise and skills at fair prices.

Team availability

We make it a point of honor to be efficient, caring and prompt in our dealings.

We aim to build mutual trust with our customers, involving them in the construction of our products.

Environmental responsibility

We promote the extension of the lifespan of our customers’ IT equipment. In this way, we help reduce the ecological impact of computer manufacturing and the consumption of network resources.

Digital sovereignty

We participate in the digital sovereignty of France and Europe.

Tranquil IT trains many IT professionals each year in alternative tools.

Are you ready to join the Tranquil IT adventure?

What motivates us every day


Linuxians at heart in the early days of the company, we’ve learned to love Windows with Linuxian methods. Our assumed technological bigamy enables our customers to benefit from the advantages of both systems.


Focused on SAMBA-AD and WAPT, we are very proud to participate in the technical and commercial development of these two products whose success and usefulness are proven on a daily basis for structures.


We love them, and they love us back! They operate in a variety of fields, and bringing them together at events we organize accentuates the support and attentiveness required for their needs.

Our vision for Tranquil IT

Our vision at Tranquil IT, to gradually converge our Active Directory expertise materialized with Samba-AD and our WAPT product. You get a single, easy-to-administer, naturally secure product that will be used to manage a user base, a computer base and an application base as diverse as your needs require.

In other words, thanks to this unified tooling, we’re able to offer a customer, whatever their size or sector, a solution that they’ll be able to use to (re)build a high-performance, secure and sustainably maintainable information system, with the same level of difficulty as if they were building a set of Lego TECHNIC.

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