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* Includes from 3000 € HT for the purchase of a WAPT license.

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Is the Community version limited?

The Community version is not limited in number of workstations. WAPT Community is the Open Source version of WAPT, it is functional for the management of parks of any size.

However, we advise large companies to use the Enterprise version, which includes features catered to larger fleets.

Why isn't everything available in WAPT Community?

Since version 1.5 of WAPT, we have divided the software into two separate editions, the Community and the Enterprise. Unfortunately we did not have the necessary funding to develop all the improvements needed, hence the creation of a paid offer. The objective of the Community version is to preserve our original promise to help our fellow system administrators maintain their medium-sized fleets. Improvements that are required of us that go beyond our original promise (usually for larger parks) will only be included in the Enterprise version of WAPT.

Is there a trial version?

WAPT Community is available free and fast to test in a Windows Server.

You can also try WAPT Enterprise for 30 days! At the end of your trial period, you can confirm your choice to keep the Enterprise version by contacting us, or continue with the Community version which will be automatically activated at the end of your 30-day trial period.

The 30 days are configured in the license file that is sent to you by email and not in the software you download.


Are there Education rates?

Are you a school or a hospital? Contact us for a quote.

What happens when my contract expires?

Two months before the end of your contract, you will be reminded of the expiry date in a tooltip when you open your console. This way you will have the time to contact our sales department to renew your contract.

If you do not renew your contract, WAPT will automatically revert to the Community version, without loss of data.

How do I get my software after purchase?

When you purchase WAPT licenses’, we contact you for a quick setup on your infrastructure that includes installation of the software and a brief explanation of how it works.

What happens if I increase my intalled base?

When you buy WAPT Enterprise software, you buy a number of licenses’ to cover your entire fleet. If the number of workstations in your fleet increases, you must purchase additional licenses. If the number of workstations in your console exceeds the number of workstations provided for you in your license, your console will revert to the Community version.

Any more questions?

If you have other questions, you can ask them on our forum or through the WAPT mailing-list.


What does my Enterprise support cover?

With certain WAPT Enterprise contracts, you get unlimited support on the functional part of WAPT. This support includes editor support on all questions / problems you may encounter when using your software, except software packaging.

For software packaging needs, we offer support tickets or a turnkey package creation service.

How to get editor support with the Community version?

The support editor of the Community version is purchased in the form of support tickets, at the rate of 900 € for 20 tickets of 15 minutes each for support. For more information, contact us.

What do my support tickets include?

Your support tickets allow you to have telephone support for all of your questions. The time spend on solving your problem is deducted from your support package.

Can I get help creating a package?

You have created a package but it doesn’t work the way you want it to? We can help you with support tickets. For more information, contact us.

Can I order ready-to-use software packages from you?

You are able to buy support tickets to get help on a started package. These package creation tickets are a turnkey package creation service from A to Z. For more information, contact us.

Any more questions?

If you have other questions, you can ask them on our forum or through the WAPT mailing-list.

Samba Active Directory rates

Support through your Active Directory Migrations

Our expertise on Samba AD allows us to perform several types of Active Directory migration scenarios as well as domain migrations in complete transparency for users. Each project being unique, these services require a particular study and are only available on request.

Our training program and support tickets are designed to help you understand and use Samba Active Directory on a daily basis.

Do you have a project for Samba Active Directory?

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I have no knowledge of Python but have managed to create my own packages. I’m looking forward to version 1.5 with the websocket.
THANK YOU for your work. I think this is the beginning of a great adventure with you… Bastien Travers

Manager, Sofia Informatique

The skills and the availability of the speakers are undeniable and allow to progress with great steps. Samba4 is beautiful on paper, it’s better when it works: Tranquil IT masters its implementation perfectly. We opted for the TisBackup backup solution and also the Wapt deployment tool: perfectly operational “in-house” open source solutions. Philippe AUGRAS

IT Manager, DRAC Limousin, Ministry of Culture and Communication

Unlike other IT services companies, Tranquil IT really cares about following its customers beyond any initial specifications. Very quickly, it quickly makes a difference in the quality of interventions. Johann Leclercq

IT Manager, DRAC Pays de la Loire, Ministry of Culture and Communication