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Silent upgrade

WAPT, the software deployment and IT asset management solution for Windows, Linux and macOS. > Learn more

Silent upgrade

SAMBA-AD, the ideal software for managing and securing your IT assets and access to network resources. > Learn more

IT asset management with WAPT

Discover how to act simply and efficiently on your entire IT infrastructure.


Automate your employees’ autonomy in a single platform.

Silent update

Simplify the deployment of your updates according to your needs.

Package creation

Create and deploy your own packages across your IT estate.

Find the formula best suited to your needs

Our solution has been developed to meet your needs by helping you on a daily basis.

WAPT Discovery

The software deployment and asset management solution for Windows, Linux and macOS.

WAPT Discovery

A complete audit of your assets and installation of Samba-AD to secure your IT assets.

WAPT, in a few steps… 

Find out how to take simple, effective action across your entire IT estate.

Keeping your computer installed base up to date with WAPT

To address security flaws and the growing number of software products to maintain in enterprises, we created WAPT. With WAPT, you remotely deploy, maintain and remove software and configurations from a simple to use central management console.

Keeping your IT equipment up to date

WAPT 1.5 Enterprise version is qualified by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). The Security Visa guarantees WAPT’s reliability and robustness in terms of security.

Editeur WAPT et intégrateur Samba-AD

Deploying software with WAPT

WAPT is the perfect software deployment solution for Windows. The WAPT remote management console allows you to install, update and uninstall your software and your configurations on your installed base of workstations. To secure your deployments, you may use ready-to-use packages that you re-sign into your own repository, or create and sign your own packages.

Collecting inventory feedback with WAPT

The correct management of your installed base of workstations goes hand in hand with having a reliable inventory. This is why WAPT allows you to keep an inventory of your machines and their configuration in real time.

Inventory feedback with WAPT

The right offer for every sector

education, business and teaching module
« When I did the trial, I
immediately saw the results. »
Victor Hugo school
IT Manager
Protect and deploy your solution remotely, depending on the location.
I want to learn more
public sector module
“Tranquil IT takes care to follow its customers even beyond the initial specifications. That makes a big difference.
Johann LECLERCQ, DRAC Pays de la Loire, IT Manager
Deploy your solution without any impact on users, securing your on-site or multi-site IT assets.
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medical cible
“We were quick to endorse WAPT. Our tests confirmed our choice. It’s a winning bet for CPAM!”
Jean-Sébastien PLOIX,
CPAM 13 Department Manager
From a distance, take advantage of simple deployment to facilitate the work of your teams while meeting your security needs.
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module industry, companies industrial sector
“We have a solution that works, that’s reliable and secure.”
Sébastien VOLEAU,
SAH Leduc
System and network administrator
Deploy your packages on your aging fleet, while benefiting from reporting on your actions.
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tertiary module, private companies
“I used to maintain my equipment by hand, but now I can configure my workstations from A to Z, and keep an eye on the status of my equipment thanks to the WAPT console. ”
B2P Web
System Admin
Quickly offer your employees a remotely deployable solution.
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IT and telecom module, IT companies
“I tested the project and found its philosophy very compatible with our operations.”
Bastien Travers,
Managing Partner
Take advantage of a record-breaking value-for-money solution, with software tailored to your structure.
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social actions module, associative companies
Discover an offer adapted to your sector. If you’re a member of an association or a professional in the social sector, we can help.
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