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Secure your computer equipment

Tranquil IT supports you in securing your IT assets in order to guarantee the continuity of your organization’s economic activity. Learn more
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Manage your computer equipment with WAPT

WAPT is the software deployment solution for Windows that has obtained the qualification of the National Agency for Information Systems Security. I discover WAPT
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Secure access with Samba-AD

Tranquil IT offers you its knowledge and expertise on Active Directory. The editor of Samba AD recognized the high technicality of our team. I discover Samba-AD

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IT asset management with WAPT

Discover how to act simply and efficiently on your entire IT infrastructure.

Keeping your computer installed base up to date with WAPT

To address security flaws and the growing number of software products to maintain in enterprises, we created WAPT. With WAPT, you remotely deploy, maintain and remove software and configurations from a simple to use central management console.

Maintain computer equipment with wapt
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WAPT 1.5 in Enterprise version is qualified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). The Security Visa guarantees WAPT’s reliability and robustness in terms of security.
Software deployment

Deploying software with WAPT

WAPT is the perfect software deployment solution for Windows. The WAPT remote management console allows you to install, update and uninstall your software and your configurations on your installed base of workstations. To secure your deployments, you may use ready-to-use packages that you re-sign into your own repository, or create and sign your own packages.

Collecting inventory feedback with WAPT

The correct management of your installed base of workstations goes hand in hand with having a reliable inventory. This is why WAPT allows you to keep an inventory of your machines and their configuration in real time.

Inventory feedback with WAPT

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