The success of our customers

Whether it is through our video interviews, downloadable case studies or other formats available on our website, we do our most to put our clients’ success first! Discover the relationship of trust we build through our solutions: WAPT and Samba AD.

Our case studies

This is the best way to discover a typical customer profile. Find out about the organization’s needs, the solutions we have proposed and the benefits of our solutions.

Cas client éducation et formation

Manage multiple domains in a single console with WAPT

Education et Formation is an association specialising in training with more than 800 computers (in 2 areas) in 20 locations.

Discover how WAPT has enabled administrators to benefit from reliable inventory reporting and to fight against users with administrator rights.


Cas client Collège Victor Hugo

Deploy heavy software on an aging fleet with WAPT

The Victor Hugo middle school has 750 students and 120 staff members. The system administrator manages 175 computers in 3 distinct areas.Discover how WAPT has brought a real feedback on the actions carried out on the computer park while ensuring the deployment of heavy software in time for the beginning of classes.


Cas client SAH Leduc

Migrate to track deployments of packages

SAH Leduc is a company in the metallurgical industry sector (manufacture of hydraulic cylinders) with 130 computers on 2 sites.

Discover how WAPT was able to provide accurate feedback on the deployment of software and updates on SAH Leduc’s computer park.


What users think of WAPT

Through our interviews, discover the feedback of the different WAPT user profiles.

Regularly, we organize and animate the “RDV des Adminsys”, an event that allows us to meet WAPT users as well as the most curious.

We take advantage of these meetings to make a video interview of the WAPT users on their use of the software: Daily use, favorite features, frustration points, expected novelties, etc.

This short exchange with real WAPT enthusiasts allows us to offer you an authentic and spontaneous point of view of WAPT.