DevSecOps : Our identity

As you may have noticed, we have changed our image recently. A more modern website, a prettier logo, a shorter name and a stronger slogan : DevSecOps. 
Tranquil IT DevSecOps Logo

Updated October 17 2018

With our DevSecOps approach, we support initiatives that promote digital security as a whole. Yesterday, the holiday notebook for digital security was officially released from the ISSA France drawers. This holiday booklet is intended for children from 7 to 11 years old, but also for their parents. Digital security is a daily challenge, and raising awareness among the youngest is very important to us.

Our new name : Tranquil IT

After 15 years using the name Tranquil IT Systems, we decided to refresh our identity and shorten our name. We had been thinking about it for some time, but the click was when we realized that we didn’t have the space to display our full name on the signs during the fairs … Now we are Tranquil IT !

The new logo stems from the name change, and we’ll let you judge for yourself, but we think it’s really lovely.

Our new catchphrase : DevSecOps

The DevSecOps movement is quite recent and stems from the imperfections of the DevOps movement. The DevSecOps method is more and more recognized because the security aspect had been a little forgeted in the DevOps process. At Tranquil IT, we integrate “By Design” security right from the start of our software development.

This software also allows you to apply DevSecOps methods on your networks, notably with WAPT which allows you to create office and business software packages and secure configurations before deploying them on your network.

Our old catchphrase keeps its relevance: “One day, your intuition will lead you here”, so your intuition will have been a good guide if your read this page.

Why DevSecOps

Our DevSecOps methodologies are the resultat of 15 years of experience in system and network infrastructure management. Tranquil IT started as an IT outsourcing company with a strong objective: To promote simple, efficient and secure methods for managing IT parks.

After several years of IT outsourcing, Tranquil IT has started developing tools to better manage its customer base. Indeed, we have been confronted with the lack of reliable and affordable tools in the fleet management market. The alternative tools we had explored were either too few or too many gas plants; so all these tools came at odds with our philosophy of saying that safety is inseparable form simplicity. Tranquil IT is now developping its own tools, designed from the beginning of their development for the simplicity and security of computers parks.

DevSecOps ?

We put this DevSecOps approach at the heart of our developments and at the heart of the company’s development. We moved into new offices, arranged to optimise exchanges between team members. The support guys and girls bring good ideas from the field and the developers implement them, for the benefit of our current and future customers.

Also, we trust our community of users and have put in place means of feedback to continuously improve our software deployment applications: WAPT. We are in direct contact with users of the software who can easily give us feedback on their use of WAPT.

WAPT and Samba Active Directory are tools that help you implement DevSecOps methods in your network. Indeed, these solutions bring you a rigor in your actions and methodologies, which allows you to secure your computer park. WAPT allows you to deploy software packages and security configurations. Samba Active Directory allows you to identify, authenticate and authorize your users and machines on your network.

The results ?

Thanks to the DevSecops methodology, we arrive at conclusive results in terms of use of the WAPT software but also in terms of security since WAPT 1.5 Enterprise is qualified by ANSSI. The qualification process was facilitated by the fact that WAPT had been developed taking into account the security aspect of the software. We were able to obtain the CSPN as well as the elementary qualification for WAPT 1.5 Enterprise. The basic qualification is an approval received from ANSSI (National Cyber Security Agency of France), which allows WAPT to be recommended by the OIV and Administrations of the French State.

Logo of the ANSSI security visa
In addition, more than 430,000 computer stations are now equipped with WAPT, and benefit from superior application maintenance hygiene.

We have been naturally using DevSecOps methods for a long time. We have been creating simple and effective concepts that guarantee the tranquility of our customers since the company was founded in 2002, which is why today we are promoting this with our new slogan, DevSecOps.


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