You come from associative sector, a professional from social structures

Your association’s needs are specific and we can meet them.

Easy, comprehensive deployment

You work for causes that are close to your heart. You need a ready-to-use solution, at a fair price, with software tailored to the needs of your Social Action organization.


Thanks to WAPT, you can benefit from a turnkey solution that enables you to quickly and easily deploy your software remotely. It’s affordable, with no extra costs.


Protect your assets from security breaches by keeping them up to date. Stay compliant and secure with ease.
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Take advantage of a multitude of software packages available on our store to deploy according to the needs of each trade. No need to deploy your own packages if you don’t want to, over 800 unique packages are gathered on this interface.
Security for your IT assets
Quick and easy remote deployment
Timed updates
Windows update
Rates according to your needs

Discover WAPT for association professionals


WAPT Enterprise

  • Windows update management
  • Hardware and software audit
  • SQL reporting

Group demo

05/10/2023 : 10h30-11h30

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