WAPT 1.5 is qualified by ANSSI

On Monday 19 March, we received some very very good news: WAPT Enterprise 1.5 is qualified by ANSSI. This elementary qualification is the result of a lot of work, tests and development  of all kinds on WAPT, and we are proud of it.
ANSSI security visa

Stage 1: The CSPN

We must believe that 2018 is a good year for WAPT, which is finally seeing the culmination of years of work. The first good news of the year came on 14 February with the announcement of the First Level Safety Certification (CSPN) awarded by ANSSI to WAPT. A relief for the team because security issues in WAPT have been at the top of the priority list for over two years. WAPT has always been a secure software, and today we have proof!

Stage 2: The qualification

CSPN is good, but we wanted to go further to achieve security excellence in WAPT. Results of our determination and your encouragement: the first level qualification was received on March 19 for WAPT! For those who are not familiar with the various ANSSI recognitions here they are:
qualification is the recommendation by the French State of proven cybersecurity products or services approved by ANSSI. WAPT 1.5 Enterprise is now officially compliant with the regulatory, technical and safety requirements promoted by ANSSI by providing a guarantee of product robustness and competence of the service provider, and commitment of the solution provider to respect criteria of trust.
And that’s not even us saying it, that’s ANSSI!  

And then what ?

With all this good news and the release of the two new versions of WAPT, we look forward to the continuation, with a new business model, allowing us to finance all the improvements you expect!  To conclude, WAPT is a robust, secure, efficient and easy to use software that we are proud of and we hope you are too!

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