Release of WAPT 1.6 – with Windows Update support

by | Oct 2, 2018 | News & Events, WAPT

WAPT 1.6 is now available in a stablized version after 6 months of development. It is an incremental version compared to 1.5 that provides you with more than a hundred patches to ensure greater fluidity, simplicity and efficiency.
Some of these improvements include:

  • improved performance: the same WAPT server can serve more than 5k agents without the need for clustering
  • partial inventory replenishment: the agent no longer replenishes his inventory each time. Less client-side load and less server-side load + better bandwidth compression
  • better agent reactivity with better threading management and replacement of zeromq by long polling
  • better management of Windows encodings. You have Chinese stuff in your registry, not even afraid!
  • refactorization of the Python environment for better insulation against system installations
  • update of WAPT python dependencies, including eventlet, python-socketio and websocket-client to fix borderline cases
Among the notable new features of version 1.6:
  • Redesign of the installation procedure with the creation of a simplified first installation wizard to easily configure the console and the WAPT server
  • Auditing functionality (Enterprise only)
  • Windows Update Management (Enterprise only, Tech-preview)

WAPT manages Windows Update (Enterprise only)

For months or even years, you have been asking us to include an equivalent of WSUS in WAPT to manage Windows updates. Due to time and especially lack of resources, we had not been able to meet your needs for deploying Windows updates until now. Today, we are proud to announce that thanks to your encouragements, we have succeeded. WAPT Enterprise version 1.6 manages Windows updates from the console, and it works! WAPT 1.6 Enterprise supports updates from Windows XP to Windows 10 on the client side, and from 2003 to 2016 on the server side. This feature is currently in Tech Preview.

More compliance with the audit function (Enterprise only)

Ascertain your configurations over time with the audit function of WAPT 1.6 Enterprise. WAPT will launch an audit on your WAPT equipped hosts at regular intervals to ascertain their compliance status. If it turns out that a workstation no longer meets the configuration you had defined for it, WAPT will alert you. This will give you greater control over your installed base of workstations and servers.

WAPT has been qualified by ANSSI since early 2018 for its security, so we make it a point of honour to provide security features. A secure fleet guarantees the continuity of your business without any hindrance.

Easy to install

Some of you have found the installation of WAPT 1.5 more complicated than previous versions following the introduction of security features. We have therefore rethought the installation and in particular the creation of the private key, the certificate and the agents to be deployed on your hosts. At installation, these three procedures have been combined, they are now simpler and faster.

Various corrections

WAPT 1.6 is always part of our DevSecOps approach and identity and we strive to make security fixes for each version. Various fixes have been made to WAPT Community and Enterprise, to see all the changes made since version 1.5, please consult the changelog.

WAPT 1.8 is available!

WAPT 1.8 incorporates several new features: WAPT agents management for Macintosh and Linux environments as well as remote repository management! Thus, WAPT allows you to fight efficiently against heterogeneous computer parks

Some details

You have questions, we have the answers


Is the Community version limited?

The Community version is not limited in number of workstations. WAPT Community is the Open Source version of WAPT, it is functional for managing fleets of any size. However, we advise large companies to use the Enterprise version which includes features specific to large fleets of computers.

Why isn't everything in WAPT Community?

Since version 1.5 of WAPT, we have forked the software into two distinct editions, the Community and the Enterprise. We did not have the necessary funding to develop all the improvements you needed, hence the creation of a paid offer. The aim of the Community version is to make true on our original promise to help our fellow system administrators easily maintain their medium size park. The improvements that have been requested of us and that go beyond our original promise (usually for larger fleets) will only be included in the Enterprise version of WAPT.

Is there a trial version?

WAPT Community is available for free and can be tested quickly on Windows.

You can try WAPT Enterprise over 30 days. At the end of your trial period, you can confirm your preference for the Enterprise version by contacting us, or continue with the Community version which will be automatically activated at the end of your 30-day trial period.

The 30 days are configured with the license file sent to you by email and is not in the software to download.


Are there Education rates?

Are you a school or a hospital? Contact us for a quote.

What happens when my contract expires?

Two months before the end of your contract, you will be reminded of the deadline when you open your console. You will therefore have time to contact our sales department to renew your contract. If you do not renew your contract, WAPT will automatically switch back to the Community version, without loss of data.

How do I get my software after purchase?

When you purchase WAPT licenses, we contact you to proceed with a quick installation on your infrastructure, which includes the installation of the software and a brief explanation of how it works.

What happens if I increase my computer count?

When you buy WAPT Enterprise software, you buy a number of licenses to cover your entire fleet. If the number of workstations in your fleet increases, you must purchase additional licenses. If the number of workstations in your console exceeds the number of workstations provided for in your license file, your console will revert to the Community version.

You want more answers?

If you have further questions, you can ask them on our forum or on the WAPT mailing-list.


What does my Enterprise contract cover?

With WAPT Enterprise, you benefit from unlimited support on the functional part of WAPT. This includes publisher support on all questions / problems you may encounter when using your software, excluding software packaging. For package packaging needs, we offer support tickets or a package creation service.

How to get professional support with the Community version?

The publisher support of the Community version can be purchased as support tickets, at the rate of 900 € for 20 tickets of 15 minutes of support. For more information, contact us.

What do my support tickets include?

Your support tickets allow you to have telephone support for all your questions. The time spent on solving your problem is deducted from your basket of subscribed support hours.

Can I order ready-to-use software packages from you?

If you don’t have the time or the desire to start creating packages, we can provide you with turnkey personalized packages. For more information, contact us.

Can I get help to create a package?

You have created a package but it doesn’t work the way you would like it to? We can help you with support tickets. For more information, contact us.

You want more answers?

If you have further questions, you can ask them on our forum or on the WAPT mailing-list.