WAPT 2.1: All the improvements of the WAPT console

by | Oct 1, 2021 | WAPT

As announced in a previous blog post, we take advantage of the end of September to release the new version of WAPT Enterprise: WAPT 2.1! But what is this new version made of? Very good question, we will see that right now!

What’s new in WAPT 2.1?

WAPT 2.1 is what we call a “minor” version. This version does not contain any “impressive” new features such as ACL management or Windows update management, for example. However, we believe that this version is still interesting.

Indeed, the improvement of the console was at the center of the development of this version. WAPT 2.1 is made of patches, changes and new features to improve the use of the console, both in terms of ergonomics and performance.

Discover what’s new in WAPT 2.1:

As we said above, we have worked to improve the usability of the console. Here is a list of the various new features::

  • We have modernized almost all the icons of the console. Other changes are planned to make the console even more readable.
  • We have also rearranged some tabs and features of the console, with the same objective.
  • TECH Preview: We have also created a “WAPT Package Development” tab that integrates a WAPT package editor directly into the console. You don’t need to install PyScripter anymore, although not all features are implemented yet (auto-completion, debugging).

But that’s not all! We have also implemented Kerberos authentication to connect to the WAPT console and WAPT Self Service. So you don’t have to type your password to log in anymore. For the WAPT Self Service, Kerberos must be active, the domain must be available and the service must be in “service_auth_type = waptserver-ldap” mode.

Overview of the "Package Development tab" of the WAPT console

An overview of the new “WAPT Package Development” tab

What’s new in the “Inventory” tab:

In this tab, you will find:

  • A “Package” icon in the “AD Tree” section of the “Inventory” tab. This allows you to directly see the Organizational Units that have packages.
  • A “certificates” tab by clicking on an computer in the main grid of the “Inventory” tab. This allows you to quickly see the certificates deployed on a machine.
  • It is now possible to simply read the encrypted logs from the console. This allows to bring up sensitive information (license, bitlocker key, password) in the “Inventory” tab. Only the one who has the private key can read the result.
  • We also improved the WakeOnLan so that secondary repositories can be used as WakeOnLan relays. So requests are no longer blocked by local routers.
  • Finally, you can “drag and drop” software into the main grid of the “Inventory” tab. This allows you to know the version installed on each workstation. However, the name of the software must be normalized for this to work.

What’s new in the “Private repository” tab:

It is now possible to click on a package to see the packages wich are dependent on that package.

What’s new in the “Windows Updates” tab:

From this tab, you can delete unassigned Windows updates. This saves space on the WAPT server. By the way, WAPT deletes them every night by default.

What’s new in the  “Software inventory” :

The “Normalize software name” feature is now in the “Software Inventory” tab. It is possible to see which machines have a specific software and to take action directly on these machines from this tab. You can take action on a selection of old or obsolete packages. This is mainly to remove them..

WAPT 2.2 is available!

With version 2.2, you can now deploy operating systems directly from the WAPT console!

We hope you enjoy the changes to improve the ergonomics and performance of the WAPT console. We are looking forward to your feedback, either in comments or on our social networks.