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by | Feb 14, 2022 | WAPT

The development of version 2.2 of WAPT will lead to many changes at the beginning of this year. That is why we are taking this article to give an update on the evolution of WAPT in 2022 :

  • The release of WAPT 2.2
  • The release of WAPT Discovery
  • The changes to be expected for WAPT Community
  • The end of WAPT 1.8.2 support

The release of WAPT 2.2

We are proud to announce that WAPT version 2.2 is scheduled for March and will contain a major feature (in beta): WADS, OS deployment via WAPT! And that’s not all. If you are interested in this feature, you can even try it! WAPT 2.2 is available as a Release Candidate (or RC) from 11th February 2022! We are also planning a second RC at the end of February, before the final version is released.
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What is a Release Candidate ?

In the development phases of software, the Release Candidate is the version that precedes the version that will be released. This version, which may become the stable version, is made available for final testing. This allows, among other things, the detection of errors that appear in particular cases.

The release of WAPT Discovery

Logo WAPT Discovery (491x245)
The release of version 2.2 marks a turning point in the history of WAPT. WAPT Enterprise and WAPT Discovery will share the same base of code. Both versions will be released together. Thus, the release of WAPT Discovery is planned for mid-March. A Release Candidate of this version is also available from Friday 11th February 2022!

Explore WAPT Discovery

WAPT Discovery is the free version of WAPT, based on Python 3. This version is limited to 300 workstations and does not have all the features of WAPT Enterprise, so functionally it is closer to WAPT Community. Whether you are new to WAPT or using WAPT Community, upgrading to WAPT Discovery will be the same. Just follow our documentation.

WAPT Community: What’s next?

We announced it in 2021: Tranquil IT has decided to stop contributing to the development of WAPT Community with version 1.8.2. As of April 30, 2022, the maintenance of WAPT Community will be handed over to the community. We will no longer provide any services on this version. Tranquil IT is not committed to ensuring the compatibility of the WAPT Store with the packages of the Community version. As a reminder, the source code of version 1.8.2 will still be available as read-only on the WAPT GitHub.

End of WAPT 1.8.2 support

In addition to these changes, Tranquil IT has also decided to stop supporting WAPT Enterprise 1.8.2 from 30 June 2022. This version, which is already almost 2 years old, is now too different from the current version of WAPT. The transition from Python 2 to Python 3 is a very good example. We recommend that you upgrade your version of WAPT before this date. To do so, you can :

  • Upgrade by following our documentation.
  • Call on our teams to help you in this process. Our sales department can be reached on .+332.

For any lower version, you will have to update WAPT to version 1.8.2 before upgrading to higher versions. As this is a more delicate operation, we advise you to create a new server. Once again, our sales team is available to help you. Of course, version 1.8.2 will remain functional after June 30th.

Timeline of WAPT news in 2022
We hope that this article answers your questions clearly. If necessary, we remain at your service to exchange information. In addition to this article, you can find our previous press release. Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit !

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