Release of WAPT 1.5 Enterprise

WAPT Enterprise logo
For the largest fleets, we created the WAPT Enterprise offer, with a console more adapted for an optimized organization and new functionalities. The Open Source version (WAPT Community) still exists for the less advanced needs, and evolves jointly with the Enterprise version.

The Enterprise functionalities

OU packages

Differentiated keys


LDAP authentication

And many other features to discover on the WAPT live replay

What’s new in WAPT Community


The Websockets

WAPT Community 1.5 switches to websockets to support your users’ mobility. Reach laptops in your fleet more easily with websockets.

From mongoDB to PostgreSQL

For technical needs, we chose to switch to PostgreSQL for more power and faster loading into the console.

Increased safety

WAPT 1.5 was thought for the security of your park, securing of the private key by a certification authority, a change of the hash algorithm used for the signature to sha256, and other changes to be found in the changelog.

WAPT 1.7 is availavble!

WAPT 1.7 incorporates several new features: Windows Update management; Customizable user self-service; SQL query to simplify reporting and much more!

Simple methods for managing your fleet

At the beginning of April 2019, the ITES (Innovation Technology European Summit) took place in Deauville. Organized by the CRIP (Club of IT Infrastructure and Production Managers) since 2013, the event brings together the various players in the IT eco-system with...

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