WAPT Community: The major changes in 2021

by | Jan 19, 2021 | WAPT

The release of the WAPT next version is imminent and we know that some features are in the spotlight. In fact, we are also very eager to talk about it. But before we talk about all this excitement, we owe it to you to clarify a few things about the evolution of WAPT and the future of the WAPT Community. Indeed, the upcoming arrival of version 2.0 as well as the work to integrate Python 3.8 (not to mention the economic context of 2020) have prompted us to change the vision we have of our software. You can find a condensed version of these announcements in our dedicated press release, available in PDF format.

What are the major changes to WAPT in 2021?

As we mentioned in the introduction, there are many factors driving us to evolve our software model. All this will result in several changes, which we will detail later:
  • Tranquil IT stops developing WAPT Community
  • The creation of a new free and non-free version: WAPT Discovery
As you have understood, WAPT Enterprise is not impacted by this announcement.

9/16/21 Update :

As we approach the end of 2021, we decided to make an update on the announcements about the future of WAPT. All the information are available in our new dedicated article. Here is a brief summary:
  • Discovery of a security breach in WAPT. The patch is already available. Do not hesitate to read our dedicated article.
  • WAPT Enterprise 2.1 will be available at the end of september. In addition to the new features, this version wil benefit from a graphical improvement of the console.
  • WAPT Discovery, our free and imited version for 300 computers, will be released in mid-October. This version will be based on WAPT Enterprise 2.1.
  • The WAPT mailing list and the forum will be closed at the end of October. We will create a new forum for the next exchanges
  • WAPT Community will no longer be supported by Tranquil IT as of the end of November. The WAPT Store will not be compatible with this version either.

Update 11/02/22 :

As we enter the year 2022, we decided to take another look at the announcements about the future of WAPT. All the information is available in our new dedicated article. Here is a brief summary:
  • Mid February: Release Candidate 1 of WAPT 2.2 and WAPT Discovery
  • Mid March: Release of WAPT Enterprise 2.2 and WAPT Discovery
  • End of April: Tranquil IT stops its contribution to the development of WAPT Community 1.8.2
  • End of June : End of WAPT Enterprise 1.8.2 support. Think about upgrading!

Tranquil IT stops the development of WAPT Community

Initially, WAPT was a tool developed to facilitate our core business and has been particularly effective for our customers’ IT outsourcing. Nevertheless, the results of the year 2020 bring us towards new perspectives. Tranquil IT can no longer develop and maintain WAPT Community on its own, without significant external contributions. And this despite the beautiful user community federated to the project.

What is the latest version of WAPT Community?

Tranquil IT has decided to stop contributing to the development of WAPT Community beyond version 1.8.2. Many changes will happen in the coming weeks with the release of WAPT 2.0. Tranquil IT plans to definitively stop contributing to the Community version in November 2021. The WAPT 1.8.2 code will be available on the WAPT GitHub in read-only mode. It will no longer be possible to make pull requests, for example. You will find additional information in the “readme” file. The compiled version of WAPT Community will no longer be available.
WAPT Community logo (335px)

What happens to the WAPT Community supports?

When WAPT Discovery is released, we will switch the forum, mailing list, and GitHub to a read-only mode. That way, you’ll still be able to benefit from the answers. The Tranquil IT Discord will no longer welcome questions about WAPT Community. For users of WAPT Discovery or WAPT Enterprise, we will create a new forum, which will be available with the release of WAPT Discovery. Tranquil IT will also stop selling training or support hours for WAPT Community. The WAPT community is free to create a new discussion channel dedicated to WAPT Community. However, Tranquil IT will not play any role in the creation or maintenance of this support.

Organizing a WAPT Community Friendly Fork:

These changes are not intended to end WAPT Community. We will remain available until June 30, 2021 to answer questions from those who wish to take over the project. However, it is important to specify that we will not take a proactive approach.

Would you like to participate in the takeover of WAPT Community? Please contact us!

Of course, we remain available to answer all your questions, in comments, on our social networks, by phone or even other media. In fact, we’ve already had the opportunity to to discuss about it on our forum.

Discover WAPT Discovery

WAPT is a versatile and complete tool, so it is worth trying it out. This is why we want to continue to offer you a free version of WAPT. We want everyone to be able to discover WAPT as they wish! So here is a short presentation of WAPT Discovery:
  • Functionally, WAPT Discovery will look like WAPT Community
  • This version will be based on the Python 3 language
  • WAPT Discovery will not support “Windows XP” and “MacOS” workstations WAPT Discovery will be a “proprietary” version This version will also be limited to 300 workstations

For advanced needs, it is always possible to try WAPT Enterprise for free:

We are aware of the importance of these decisions, we can assure you that we have treated them with the seriousness they deserve. We remain available to discuss with you, whether it is around WAPT Community or around WAPT Discovery.