Our collaboration with Figeac Aero

Cédric PIMONT and Gwendal GUILLERMOU work at Figeac Aero in the Lot (46) and have been using WAPT on a daily basis for their fleet management since 2016.

The arrival of WAPT within Figeac AERO

“WAPT is more interesting, the open source and free side of the software allows more flexibility.”

As part of a second year BTS internship, Gwendal was in charge of finding a software deployment solution, he then heard about WAPT through a article by Korben.

After a comparative study of different solutions like Microsof SCCM or Chocolatey, he was quickly convinced by the freedom offered by the open source version of WAPT.

Gwendal finds the software more interesting, its Open Source aspect allows it to test the flexibility of the software without having to pay a license. The ability to code and deploy a complex application internally and independently will be decisive in its decision-making.

“Deployment to workstations is fast.”

After offering WAPT to his CIO, Gwendal continued with a 2-week test phase on 15 different workstations. He undertook this phase without contacting the Tranquil IT team, simply using the technical documentation, documentation that he finds even clearer today. In one month the solution was tested and then deployed on all workstations on their site.

WAPT, an evolving solution with its users

“In the long term, WAPT should manage between 1,500 and 1,800 workstations.”

Cédric rebounded on the comments of his colleague by explaining that today WAPT manages 945 positions. Within a few months, international subsidiaries should benefit from WAPT and set up a multi-site fleet of 1500 to 1800 workstations, a dozen sites such as the Maghreb, Tunisia, Mexico or France (Auxerre, Toulouse, Saint-Nazaire) are thus concerned.

Daily fleet management with WAPT

“Within the team, 3 people use WAPT daily.”

At the end of the Gwendal internship, WAPT continued to be used for software installation on user workstations by the support department, for example. Today, about ten people are able to use WAPT within Figeac AERO, 3 employees use it on a daily basis and Cédric is in charge of package creation.

With the evolution of Figeac Aero, the deployment of hand-held applications becomes complicated.”

Before the implementation of WAPT, application deployment was done manually with the use of GPOs when possible, this method was quite time-consuming.

This is the problem faced by Figeac AERO sites that do not yet have WAPTs. The subsidiary in Tunisia is growing rapidly and is facing this problem of manual deployment for example.

The advantages of WAPT Enterprise for Figeac Aero

“WAPT Enterprise, a viable project for large volumes.”

The Figeac AERO team has trusted Tranquil IT and uses WAPT Enterprise to meet the needs of their ever-growing IT assets. The many additional features provide more clarity to the management of the multi-site fleet.

Filtering by OU allows the WAPT console to be well organized and is more practical for large parks such as Figeac AERO.

Role differentiation allows different users to connect with accounts that do not have the same rights. So Cedric is the only one who can create packages. He also took advantage of the preferential rates for the software training by choosing WAPT Enterprise.

WAPT Enterprise also allows you to propose or force updates and warn the users concerned, so manual deployment is no longer relevant thanks to this solution.

It is always a pleasure to talk about WAPT.”

Do you want to try WAPT too?

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