A new way to create your packages

Many of you seemed to have problems with package creation, that’s why we made an automatic template creation wizard for your packages. Drag and drop your .exe or .msi packages into the Package Wizard, Pyscripter will then open with a ready-to-use package template. You can then test your package, add your personal configurations in the template if you wish, and deploy!

Complete list of changes between and

The major change: The Wizard package

make-package-template : More specific setup.py templates for MSI and EXE. Instead of a run(), we use install_msi_if_needed and install_exe_if_needed setuphelpers : add get_installer_defaults() function Add a Wizard to create a package in the console (Tools / Make package template from setup file menu) or by drag / drop of an msi or an exe in the private repository tab. After clicking OK, Pyscripter is opened with the package template (same as the wapt-get make-template C:tranquilitwapttestsz920.msi command line)

WAPTconsole : Wizard for creating packages from an MSI file or an Exe file.

Option in the Tools menu or by drag and drop in the private repository tab. Discovery of silent options. Use of install_it_needed and install_msi_if_needed functions instead of a simple run() for exe and MSI (several setup.py templates in c:wapttemplates). Significant improvement in the speed of mass modification of packages. Optional verification of the signature of packages imported from an external repository. The list of authorized certificates is by default in %APPDATA%waptconsolessl and can be specified in the waptconsole settings. The ini parameter is called “authorized_certs_dir” Optional https certificate check for external repositories in the console Check the signature of machine packages before they are modified in the console. Change the URLs for the documentation. https://doc.wapt.fr possibility to update the certificate without recreating the RSA key pair (in particular to specify a correct Common Name, which appears as the signatory of the packages) https by default for repository URLs

Other fixes :

Parameter noconsole:1 for NSSM (waptservice / waptserver) to allow operation on Windows 10 creator updates. Problem with Zip files that remain locked if an error is triggered. Deleting temporary directory when canceling editing a Space Management group in project files pyscript. Managing utf8 / unicode for some functions. Fix managing encoding when run_not_fatal() returns an error. Replacing mongo library.bson by json native to python. Bug in AD group synchro with WAPT Bug packages “The private key does not exist” the first time it is filled if the Bug console is not restarted “WAPT service restart” (thanks to QGull). Possibility to have uppercase letters in the package names (however not recommended, package names are case sensitive). Some updates of the wapt-get configuration examples.ini.tmpl. The waptagent compilation fails if the keys / certificates already exist but the certificate has been removed from c:waptssl. Display in the login window taskbar (to allow autofill by password managers in particular)

WAPT 1.7 is available!

WAPT 1.7 incorporates several new features: Windows Update management; Customizable user self-service; SQL query to simplify reporting and much more!

WAPT Self Service: Allow users to install software

WAPT Self Service: Allow users to install software

At Tranquil IT, we work on a daily basis with system administrators who are looking for fast and efficient solutions to manage and secure their IT assets, which is certainly why they come to meet us (hello WAPT). And if there is one problem that any AdminSys is likely...

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