Tranquil IT celebrates its 20th anniversary more

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Event, Life of the company

Tranquil IT celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On this occasion, a series of articles retraces its history.

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History of Tranquil IT

After 5 years in Saumur, Tranquil IT decided to move to Nantes to be closer to the regional urban center, so as to expand its customer portfolio. Very quickly, Denis and Vincent Cardon realized that there was no software on the market that was sufficiently comprehensive or high-performance. They also wanted a product that would respect security while being affordable. WAPT was born in 2012. The first lines of code were written by Hubert and Denis. Hubert is our long-standing developer at Tranquil IT, and has been with us for 12 years now. The team began to grow between 2012 and 2015, and today has around twenty employees.


It’s important to say, it’s been 19 years (in 2004) since the Cardon brothers started working with the Samba teams, which at the time was Samba 3-NT4. But why integrate Samba at Tranquil IT? Many of Tranquil IT’s customers were looking for software with centralized management of identities, files and printers. Vincent and Denis took on board this demand, so that Tranquil IT could offer a complete package. Today, Tranquil IT is one of the only Samba Active Directory experts in France.

Major changes

Two major changes are taking place between 2018 and 2020: the end of outsourcing and the end of WAPT available for free. Let’s take a look back at these highlights.

Tranquil IT was a managed services company for 15 years. Why the change? WAPT was a tool that was intended to facilitate Tranquil IT’s outsourcing work. Only internally, seeing that WAPT was appreciated and performing well, was it decided to concentrate its efforts on WAPT.


Tranquil IT’s business model was intrinsically linked to that of WAPT. That’s why WAPT simultaneously switched from open source to proprietary software, to enable Tranquil IT to finance its development and that of the company. “We looked around the change in business model and the rational reasons why we did this. Sometimes decisions are made for survival reasons,” explains Vincent Cardon. What’s more, with certification and qualification from ANSSI the requirements are changing. Software therefore needs to be rigorous and robust in the face of attacks, something that didn’t go well with the outsourcing business.

Tranquil IT today

This year, Tranquil IT celebrated 20 years in business and 10 years of WAPT. As far as Samba Active Directory is concerned, new features are on the way for 2023. As for WAPT, we are in the process of obtaining ANSSI qualification for version 2.4 of WAPT. The company is also getting a facelift, as you’ll be able to look forward to a new website in 2023! Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know about all the great things to come.


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