WAPT Enterprise to deploy your software and configurations with confidence

WAPT 1.5 en version Enterprise est qualifié par l’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI). Le Visa de Sécurité garantit la fiabilité de WAPT et sa robustesse en terme de sécurité.

Packages available

Workstation equiped

WAPT Enterprise

Go further with WAPT Enterprise, designed for the management of large computer park.

OR related to the DC

Link your WAPT console to your AD to manage your machines by group. An optimized display for more efficiency.


Unlimited support

Get unlimited editor support (excluding package creation) to help you use WAPT.


Rights Management

Manage your teams’ rights by distinguishing between package developers and those who deploy them.


Security Visa

WAPT Enterpise 1.5 has received ANSSI security qualification. A guarantee of safety for your fleet.

A 100% Secure software

WAPT is CSPN certified by ANSSI to meet your most advanced security needs.

For larger installed base of devices

The WAPT Enterprise console is designed for the largest fleets with the organization of devices by Organizational Units (the “OU” of your Active Directory enterprise directory).

Controlled authentication

WAPT Enterprise is connected to your Active Directory to better control software access.

Optimized role management

Manage the roles of your system administrators and distinguish between package developers and package deployers.

Optimized machine display in the WAPT console

Take advantage of an optimized display to manage all the machines in your fleet. The display by Organisational Unit allows you to organize your machines in groups, in order to perform targeted actions on your workstations. For example, you can use an accounting OU, an HR OU, etc.

Creating OU allows you to quickly assign packages to a set of workstations and improve the efficacy of your console.

The proposal of an update to the user, via message

The usage with WAPT is to schedule updates at the shutdown of workstations, so as not to disturb your users. This method is suitable for 90% of our users.
However, it may not be the best time to perform updates. WAPT Enterprise allows you to send a message proposing updates to your users so that they can choose to accept or reject it. So you are sure not to interrupt the work of your employees. A practical feature to adapt to their pace.

Simplified communication with your users

Sometimes you may need to send a message to all users in your organisation at one time.
With WAPT Enterprise, you can do it directly from the console. Inform your users of an update between noon and two o’clock, or remind them to turn off their station before leaving for example.

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WAPT Community est la version Open Source de WAPT. En savoir plus

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WAPT Enterprise est la version avancée de WAPT. En savoir plus

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Support qui couvre tous vos besoins d'assistance sur WAPT.

Vous bénéficiez du support illimité sur la partie fonctionnelle de WAPT (hors création de paquets).

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What users say about WAPT

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I have no knowledge of the Python language but have managed to create my own packages. I’m looking forward to version 1.5 with websocket.
THANK YOU for your work. I think this is the beginning of a great adventure with you… Bastien Travers

Gérant, Sofia Informatique

The skills and availability of Tranquil IT’s team members are undeniable and enable progress to be made in great strides. Samba-AD is beautiful on paper, it’s better when it works: Tranquil IT masters its implementation perfectly. Philippe AUGRAS

IT manager, DRAC Limousin, French Ministry of Culture

Unlike other IT services companies, Tranquil IT really cares about following its customers beyond any initial specifications. Very quickly, it makes a difference in the quality of interventions. Johann Leclercq

IT manager, DRAC Pays de la Loire, French Ministry of Culture