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Migration of your Active directory with Tranquil IT

Manage your users with Samba-AD

Samba Active Directory allows you to manage your users serenely thanks to Microsoft Active Directory RSAT. Samba is Microsoft’s Open Source competitor, and is therefore based on the same protocols.

They trust us


A 100% transparent migration

thanks to our methods.

Aspiration of user profiles

WAPT allows you to migrate all your profiles transparently for users.

Action training

We accompany you on the migration of your AD to train you on the Samba Active Directory solution.

A homogeneous park

Merge your AD domains for a unified infrastructure on your IT assets.

Migration Active Directory

The different migration scenarios that we support are:

  • from Samba3-NT4 to Samba-AD ;
  • from Microsoft Active Directory to Samba-AD
  • from WinNT4 to Samba-AD
  • from WORKGROUP to Samba-AD ;
  • Multi-site and multi-domain merger scenarios are supported, with appropriate delegation of rights in place.

Ahead of migration AD

Before the changeover phase and on the basis of the information gathered during the initial audit and skills transfer / training phase, we carry out the following operations:

  • eligible servers running with old Linux versions are updated
  • the access passwords to all the hardware devices concerned by the project are tested and the configuration parameters of these devices are explored ;
  • access passwords to all system servers or application servers involved in the project are tested and application platform configuration parameters are explored ;
  • MAC address / IP address” matches of all network devices are counted in order to build or correct existing DNS and DHCP configurations ;
  • user accounts, administration accounts, machine accounts, service accounts, sites, DNS records and delegations are prepared in a spreadsheet and pushed by a script into a simulation environment ;
  • the WAPT utility is pushed on all workstations with the method defined in the audit phase ;
  • the WAPT domain migration and profile migration package is pushed across the entire park ;

Lunch or the evening of the scale:

  • the simulation environment is switched to production ;
  • replications are implemented (RWDC and RODC) according to the replication strategy defined in the audit phase ;
  • the WAPT domain migration and profile migration package changes from “standby” mode to “active” mode ;
  • Windows machines automatically switch to the new Samba-AD domain and a sample is tested ;
  • Apple, Linux and Chromebooks clients are attached to the domain manually or through automatic configuration scripts and tested ;
  • Linux system and application servers are attached to the domain manually or through automatic configuration scripts and tested ;
  • hardware devices are manually reconfigured and tested.

Following migration

The user re-opens his session, he has the impression that nothing has changed, even if a phenomenal amount of things has changed in the technical layers he does not see.

Our staff spend the day after the migration with you to correct the small defects at the margin that users can go up.

What users say about Samba-AD

Learn about your peers’ inspiring experiences.

“Tranquil IT’s procedures are clear, tested and approved. Samba4 domain server created in 20 minutes.”


CIO, City of Challans

“Tranquil IT has sufficient skills to solve this type of problems, they are reactive and competent.”


CIO, DRAC Pays de la Loire, Ministry of Culture and Communication

“The skills and availability of the speakers are undeniable and enable progress to be made in great strides. Samba4 is beautiful on paper, it’s better when it works: Tranquil IT masters its implementation perfectly.” Philippe AUGRAS

IT Manager, DRAC Limousin, Ministry of Culture and Communication