Migration Samba – Brussels Training

Brussels training was using Samba 3 and needed to migrate to Samba Active Directory. We therefore supported them in their migration and trained system administrators in the use of Active Directory.

Setting up Samba Active Directory


  • Brussels Training
  • 10 domain controller servers
  • 3 500 machines
  • 4,000 users
  • 3 system and network administrators


  • Improving the security of information systems
  • Improve the comfort and productivity of IT staff


  • Migrate the 10 domain controller servers
  • Train the team of system administrators to use Samba-AD
  • To switch the 3500 machines in the new field without interruption for the users
  • Reconfigure services and peripherals that relied on the LDAP provided by Samba3 to rely on the Samba-AD LDAP or the Kerberos service provided by Samba-AD


  •   Better compliance with current technology standards
  • Improvement of the management facility of the park of 3500 machines and 4000 users
  • Saves time and more flexibility


  • Transparent migration for 4000 users
  • System administrators trained on the technology used
  • A computer equipment in the current technology standards
  • A secure computer equipment