Tranquil IT is referenced to the UGAP

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Active Directory

Tranquil IT is now referenced to the UGAP through the multi-publisher contract carried out by SCC. Behind all these somewhat bureaucratic terms is very good news for those who want to buy the innovative products and services offered by Tranquil IT. What does that mean?

In practical terms, if you are a public player and want to obtain a software deployment solution, you now have an additional purchase option and an efficient and secure legal framework.

How to buy at Tranquil IT?

If you are a local authority, a hospital or a state administration, you now have a simple way to obtain the benefits of the WAPT software published by Tranquil IT:

  • Licences for the Enterprise version of WAPT
  • Skills transfers around WAPT
  • Package creation support contracts
  • One-off support contracts

 You now have 3 methods to subscribe to Tranquil IT services and products.

In any case, your first step is to contact Tranquil IT, who will collect your information and prepare an offer according to our standard price lists.

  • If your purchasing procedures allow you to purchase Tranquil IT services and products directly without going through specific legal support or a market, you should favour this method because you will benefit from the best price.
  • If your purchasing procedures require special legal support, you can then choose to launch a consultation or a contract. This method, which is a little more time-consuming, will allow you to access our best prices, plus the costs of preparing the offer in response to your call for tender or your consultation.
  • If you wish to perfectly control your deadlines and benefit from an indisputable legal framework, your third solution is to order through the UGAP. In this scenario, Tranquil IT sends CSC the offer based on its standard pricing grids that you have validated. You will receive within 2-3 weeks an offer from UGAP to be validated by your buyers. The SCC/UGA porting causes an additional cost of about 20% at your expense.

What documents can we provide you with?

A purchase often involves an administrative process that can sometimes be cumbersome. To make your task easier, Tranquil IT provides you with all the documents you need for your purchase.

Tranquil IT training courses are Datadock certified

The WAPT and Samba Active Directory training courses were certified datadock at the end of 2017. Datadock certification ensures that your OPCA takes care of our training courses for you. You will therefore have all the documents required by your training organization, namely:

A team at your disposal

Tranquil IT knows the administrative processes and will be able to advise and support you in your purchasing process with your decision-makers. We are used to working with major accounts and public administrations, and these experiences have made us paperwork experts!

At your side to succeed in your efforts, you will find:

Vincent Cardon
Vincent CARDON
President – Sales director
Cindy Gerardeaux
Administrative officer
Xavier Darras

Business manager

Sales Assistant

WAPT Self Service: Allow users to install software

WAPT Self Service: Allow users to install software

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