Learn to master Samba-AD with our training

And enjoy the benefits of the great tool.

Objectives of the Samba-AD training

  • Acquire the know-how to install, configure and understand an ActiveDirectory system and the different services it incorporates (DNS, LDAP directory, Kerberos, NTP).
  • Master the particularities of implementing a Samba-AD service.
  • Discover the new uses made possible with Samba-AD.
  • Understand the methodology to successfully implement Samba-AD in your network.

Our training on Samba-AD will provide you several benefits :

  • Get a technical vocabulary base that will allow you to be more effective when you searching for information on the Internet;
  • Share more easily your system administration experiences;
  • Discover that Samba-AD is adapted for your context of use;
  • Note that Samba-AD is 90% Active Directory and 10% Linux;
  • Discover the scripting methods available with Samba-AD that perfectly complement the graphical administration consoles;
  • Observe the right methods to make a complex Active Directory project a success;
  • Understand why the preparation phase is the key to your success;
  • Discover Samba-AD’s best companion, WAPT : WAPT is Robin when Samba-AD is Batman;
  • Learn about the history of the Samba project and the Active Directory concept and why we came to this point;
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Active Directory training

How Samba-AD training happens?

  • Inter-company sessions are regularly planned, usually in Nantes, FRANCE;
  • Intra-company sessions are scheduled at your request, so Tranquil IT staff can focus on your use cases;
  • The training sessions are limited to 6 participants, so everyone will be able to enjoy individual highlights with the trainers Tranquil IT;

The richness of our Samba-AD training

  • An advanced presentation of the components of Samba-AD
  • Exercises to develop the practice of Samba-AD and discover the capabilities of the tool
  • Free exchanges with the trainer who will share with the participants his past experiences of migration in Samba-AD

Your Samba Active Directory trainers

Tranquil IT trainers have extensive field experience. They know the daily life of your business and in particular your technical environments. They are aware of your production issues.
Denis Cardon

Denis Cardon

Samba-AD training engineer

Yohannès ALEMU

Yohannès ALEMU

Samba-AD trainer