Migrate Samba3-NT4 to Samba-AD – DRAC PDLL

The Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC) Pays de la Loire is present on 5 different sites (one site per department). In France, public organizations are generally equipped with free software as a priority. This is why the directory part of public administrations is provided by Samba, Microsoft’s free competitor on the LDAP part. In 2014, Samba3-NT4 becomes obsolete with the release of Samba Active Directory. The administrations were therefore faced with the obligation to migrate their domains to Samba-AD.

Domain migration from Samba3-NT4 to Samba Active Directory


  • DRAC Pays de la Loire
  • 5 sites
  • 140 users
  • 1 system and network administrator
  • Major version change of Samba


Samba Active Directory made Samba3-NT4 obsolete when it was released. Samba-AD is the equivalent of Microsoft Active Directory 2008 R2, while Samba3-NT4 is only the implementation of the NT4 identification protocol. After Microsoft stopped NT4 support, Samba3-NT4 continued to benefit from improvements made by the Samba Team, but with the release of Samba Active directory, Samba3-NT4 will disappear. The DRAC being equipped with Samba3-NT4 had to migrate to Samba-AD.


  • Migration from Samba3-NT4 to Samba-AD
  • Server Unification
  • Training
  • Annual Support


  • A seamless migration for users

To perform domain migrations, we use WAPT. We aspire to a user’s profile before migration and then re-inject it into the new domain. This method allows a completely transparent migration for users, who find the day after the migration their favorites, files and even their wallpaper.

  • A time saver

With annual support provided by Tranquil IT, DRAC no longer has to spend time on the phone with the various manufacturers to manage possible machine failures. We supervise the DRAC IT park and manage the computer equipment remotely to save Johann time.


  • System and network administrator freed thank to Tranquil IT support
  • 5 homogeneous sites
  • 140 happy users
  • 5 merged domains