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How to manage several domains in a single console with WAPT? We explain it all to you through the case of Jordi MORILLO, system and network administrator at Education et Formation: infrastructure, problems, needs, use and gains with WAPT.


Éducation et Formation is a non-profit association specialized in training and originally fighting against discrimination and illiteracy, based in Normandy. As the organization has evolved, it has offered refreshing and basic learning courses as well as qualifying and diploma courses.

800 administered stations

20 locations

2 adminsys

The association’s IT infrastructure

Education and Training has 20 sites throughout Normandy (department 76 and 27), which represents 800 client stations. A Samba Active Directory domain is set up for the “Trainees” part as well as a Microsoft Active Directory domain for the “Administration” part. The two Active Directories are not linked by approval relationships.

2 active directory

42 deployed softwares

The issues encountered

Education and Training found 2 issues related to the 2 different Active Directory:

On the “Administrative” side, users were administrators of their workstation, so they were able to install any software. Therefore during an update, it was common for other programs to be installed without the user realizing it (Installing Avast antivirus when updating Adobe Reader for example).

The computers in the “Intern” part were using SambaEdu, while integrating the WPKG solution for deployment. The solution was not very functional and did not provide any inventory feedback.


“The product is useful, it’s a time-saver.”

Jordi MORILLO, Education & Formation
Systems & Network Administrator

Why use WAPT?

For Éducation et formation, WAPT‘s strength lies in its ability to manage multiple domains in a single administrative console. Adminsys also appreciate the ease of installation and use. The fact that WAPT is developed in Python was an additional argument for the association, as was the strong community behind the software.

the test phase

  • 2 months of testing
  • 15 test machines
  • Package development

Version, Support, and Training

Éducation et Formation opted for WAPT with its 1.3 version.

In the second year, the association purchased support tickets to support the development of the software.

In 2019, the association is opting for WAPT Enterprise to be able to manage Windows Updates on the trainee pool, take advantage of reporting with specific queries as well as use certificate authentication.



“WAPT: To try it is to adopt it. “

Jordi MORILLO, Education & Formation
Systems & Network Administrator

What WAPT has done for “Education & Formation”

On the admin side, the issue was resolved by removing administrator access to users. A switchover of these workstations to Windows 10 was performed at the same time.

With users still needing certain programs, the system administrators developed a package grouping the utilities needed by all. Although some packages remain visible to users, users must contact the system administrators to install this software.

WAPT was chosen to replace WPKG since it provides the notion of reporting that WPKG lacks (not offering status or item status).

Estimated gains with the use of WAPT

On the admin side, Education and Training has mostly gained in security since it is the system administrators who control the installations and updates on the park.

A time saving has been noticed on the “Trainee” part, which was in bad shape (no feedback, regular crashes). The adminsys are more quickly dealing with deployment and software updates now.

We can say that Jordi MORILLO and his team are now equipped to manage several domains in a single console thanks to WAPT.

Video feedback

Some of our clients agreed to talk about their experience in pictures. Find them in the dedicated Youtube playlist: