MeetUp: The Adminsys’ Meeting

by | Mar 7, 2019 | News & Events

Sharing, chatting and snacking

The Tranquil IT team wanted to create links with its customers and bring together its community of users, but how, we asked ourselves? We figured that being able to put faces to names would be a great way to create stronger relationships with our clients; and seeing how we don’t know each other yet, we decided to set up regular meetings for system administrators and other IT managers. We call it: the SystAdmin’s Meeting, it’s catchy, right ?!

So, what is a MeetUp?

A MeetUp, is exactly what is in the name itself, a “meet up” of people surrounding a common interest. In short, for us, it is above all an opportunity to regularly bring together our community of customers, forum users or even the unknown (only for the first moments of course). Depending on the occasion, the event will last several hours or even a full day, at breakfast or for an aperitif, in Nantes or elsewhere; the format will vary according to the sessions, so feel free to share your suggestions for themes, animations or even meeting places in the comments of this article: SystAdmin’s Meetup. Nothing better than to share with developers, technicians and other users of the software to improve the network and to discuss its projects. It is also a unique opportunity to meet around a common theme and share your desires and suggestions for the future.


To go directly to the summary and photos of the various meetup’s of the SysAdmins, click below on the one you want:

The 1st SysAdmins Meeting

In March 2019, our baby WAPT Enterprise turned one years old and its newest version 1.7 was released! To help it celebrate its first birthday, we launched our first meetup on the morning of Thursday 28 March 2019 in Nantes. And we are quite happy to say, it was a success!

From Rennes to Toulouse, via Poitiers, there were about twenty people joining us at Hypercube, a specialist in VR animation. From 9am, a breakfast was available while waiting for all the guests to arrive. Between a croissant and a coffee, Hubert, our chief developer briefly introduced WAPT Enterprise and its latest features. Once we had filled up on information and rested our stomachs, it was with Virtual Reality animations that we finished the morning. We also used this first MeetUp to interview the most loyal WAPT users, here are the results:

Thank you again to all the participants for their presence and good humour. We take this opportunity to congratulate once again the winners of the various RV challenges and we hope that the cups are already on the chimney!

#2: Samba AD in the spotlight!

Wednesday June 12 held the 2nd edition of the SysAdmins meeting. This time it was in Paris, at the Cap Digital space, that we met again! Between loyal customers and secret admirers’, it was a great opportunity to highlight the Active Directory and more precisely Samba AD. To complete this event, we had the privilege of welcoming the lead-developers from Samba, straight from New Zealand!

The afternoon was spent around 4 main conferences:

  • “Migrating 170 Samba3-NT4 domains” by Denis CARDON, Managing Director of Tranquil IT
  • “Samba: The unexpected! “by Andrew BARTLETT and Garming SAM, Samba AD developers at Catalyst in New Zealand
  • “The complementarity between WAPT and Samba AD” by Simon FONTENEAU, WAPT expert at Tranquil IT
  • “Migrating to Samba Active Directory” by Philip RICHARDSON, System and Network Manager of Brussels Training

It was then around an aperitif in the colours of our region of Nantes that the meetup ended in a friendly moment of exchanges and meetings.

#3: Samba and WAPT: safety, ease, tranquility

Tranquil IT and his almost famous SysAdmins meeting are back in service!

Like a Tour de France, after Nantes and Paris, the next stop will be Toulouse, the pink city.  Thursday, October 17, between conferences and feedback, it will be an opportunity to network and meet other sysadmins and IT managers. 

The idea is to evoke the securing of a computer park through Samba AD and the management of said park through WAPT.

Program :
→ 2pm: Home
→ 14h30 : Start of the conferences
→ From 5.30 pm: Informal exchanges around a convivial aperitif

Wherever you are, in Toulouse, in France or abroad, and whether you are a user, future customer or just curious, we would be delighted to see you ( possibly again) at this next meetup!

The event is free but limited in space, so make sure you register by clicking here.