LUTI : Creation, testing and automatic tracking of WAPT packages

by | Feb 24, 2022 | WAPT

The WAPT family is growing with our new tool: LUTI! We hope this little robot will find a place in your hearts… Or in the favorites bar of your browser.

What is LUTI?

LUTI is an internal tool that can automatically create, test, track and update WAPT packages for the WAPT Store. We make LUTI results public via a dedicated website. You can visit the site for free, as for most of our resources. Please note that only Tranquil IT packages benefit from this improvement. This tool is not intended to be adapted to your own use.
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The origin of LUTI:

As you know, we try to offer the most useful, complete and secure packages possible on our WAPT Store. It is our policy to version and test each of these packages. In terms of security, this provides an extra measure of quality. Currently, there are more than 6,000 packages on the WAPT Store. As you can imagine, it is extremely time consuming to test every single one of these packages humanely and completely. We have developed LUTI to test them automatically. This continuous integration system of WAPT packages is again a guarantee of quality. Of course, we wanted to go a little bit further!!

How LUTI works:

Monitor and build software packages automatically:

Thanks to a script that runs regularly, LUTI is able to monitor the version numbers of the software offered on the WAPT Store. As soon as a version number change is detected on the official website of the software publisher, LUTI will automatically start rebuilding the dedicated package.

Test and validate WAPT packages automatically:

The second mission of LUTI is to test and validate the built packages. The packages are always tested on different machines and different environments. In addition, to validate a WAPT package, LUTI will perform two types of tests:
  • An installation of the software starting from 0.
  • An installation of the new version, over the old version of the software.
LUTI also takes advantage of this procedure to run a VirusTotal scan of the files that were used to build and test the package. Obviously, if VirusTotal detects a problem with the package, it is blocked. Only human intervention can evaluate and validate the legitimacy of the package in question. Several factors can explain the failure of the construction of a package: installation problem, unavailable network, etc. In all cases, it is possible to restart the construction of the package with an “Error” status.

What is VirusTotal?

VirusTotal is a website that scans suspicious files, domains, IPs and URLs for free (on-demand) using several antivirus programs. This allows to quickly detect the presence of viruses or malware. Please note that VirusTotal does not provide any additional protection and does not replace the use of an antivirus.

From LUTI to the WAPT Store:

Every WAPT package built and validated by LUTI arrives in a repository called “Nightly”, which is also freely accessible. This is a repository for “pending” packages. Users have 5 days to report problems they encounter with a WAPT package. If no feedback is given during this period, the package is then considered to be working and will be published on the WAPT Store.

Good security practices with WAPT packages:

You have several options regarding the packages we make available. The brave ones will be satisfied with the packages on the “Nightly” repository, while the wiser ones will prefer to wait a few days. In any case, we always recommend that you test these packages in a dedicated environment on your infrastructure before deploying them on your computers parc.

Discover the LUTI website:

We have tried to make a complete website where you can find all the important information delivered by LUTI:
  • The name of each package
  • The last version detected on the editor’s website
  • The status, date and version of the last build of the package
  • The version currently available on the WAPT Store
  • The date of the last time a new version was detected on the editor’s website
By clicking on the name of a package, you can see what has been built by LUTI. The repository of a software can then host a package for Mac, Windows, Debian, CentOS, etc. It is also possible to see on which computers the tests are run by clicking on one of these packages. The history of packages dedicated to a software is also available on the website. Finally, you can also find the files tested with VirusTotal to establish the package in question.
And that concludes this presentation of LUTI. We hope this little robot meets your expectations! Of course, everything can be improved. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback via the comment area.