Update management

WAPT makes it easy to deploy your updates with centralized console management.

Remote software deployment

WAPT lets you install, update and analyze your updates.

test locally




Update or uninstall


Benefit from reliable, instant inventory feedback on the progress of your IT deployments.

Inventory feedback

Easy deployment and enhanced security

Decide on deployment conditions

Adapt and filter updates to each workstation in the company.
Deploy according to OU.

Perform Windows updates

Thanks to its centralized console, manage your updates in real time.

control updates

Control your updates

Decide whether or not to install the proposed upgrades.


Use the remote repository for Windows updates

This allows you to lighten download times and limit bandwidth consumption.

Reduce disk space

If certain updates are not authorized, the volume of downloads will be lower. You therefore reduce the disk space required for this action.

Plan your updates

Dfrom centralized management, choose whether to push the installation directly onto the machines or wait for the machines to shut down to perform them.

processing time

Decide on the timeframe for deployment

Iyou can choose a minimum release time before installing a Windows update. This avoids compatibility problems with your installed base.

Major update features

Managing data

Automate the Windows update process

The WAPT server regularly downloads the update file from the Microsoft server. WAPT agents check whether these MAJs are available on the machines.

inventory construction

Enjoy precise feedback

With each update deployment, find all related information in your console.


Migrate and track your package deployments with WAPT


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