Software deployment

WAPT is a silent software and configuration remote deployment tool for enterprises and administrations.

Manage your deployments

Launch deployments or schedule them when workstations are shut down

test locally




access management


Deploy packages quickly and easily across your park, thanks to the customizable blind for each station or department.

Test locally, install, update or uninstall your software remotely. Benefit from reliable, instant feedback on the progress of your IT deployments.

Inventory feedback

Discover our main deployment features

web development

Create your packages without any knowledge of code

Thanks to the package creation wizard, PyScripter (an IDE facilitating WAPT package development) and Setup Helpers (a library of shortcuts simplifying package writing), develop your packages with “.exe” and “.msi” format. The wizard builds the package template automatically and all you have to do is use this format to customize your package with Python or customize packages from our store.

Notifying users

Be transparent with your end users

Using your WAPT console, draft and send a notification to users to warn of an imminent software update. The user can choose to accept the update. In the event of refusal, the update will be postponed until the user’s workstation is shut down. In this way, you ensure that your employees’ work is not suddenly interrupted.

IT Package creation

Adapt your deployments

At a specific time, remotely, when the workstation is closed, forced or not, choose the best way to deploy your packages and updates according to your organization.
Enable your employees freedom of decision while keeping control of your fleet


Migrate and track your package deployments with WAPT


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