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Securing your computer installed base

Tranquil IT helps you secure your computer installed base

Securing your IT assets is crucial to guarantee the continuity of your company’s productive activity. Therefore, we deploy our expertise and energy to ensure continuity of service through our tools and methods.

Good cybersecurity practices

To avoid malicious attacks

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User rights management with Active Directory

Active Directory is used to manage your users on your installed base of computers. Control the entry points on your devices to grant a level of rights and restrictions that is adapted to each profile in your company and thus protect your workstations from malicious intrusions. I want to learn more about Samba-AD

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Total control over your applications with WAPT

WAPT allows you to secure your computer installed base by keeping your Windows devices up to date, with software that you have approved. WAPT allows you to deploy software and configurations quickly and transparently for your users. I want to learn more about WAPT

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Impassable security barriers with SRP

SRPs allow you to authorize or prevent the execution of software based on whitelists and/or blacklists. The combination of Active Directory + WAPT makes it possible to deploy SRPs in an exclusive whitelist (prohibition of execution of any unknown software) on all the professional workstations running with our managed services customers. I want to learn more about SRP