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Software deployment with WAPT – B2P Web

B2P Web (formerly BDFWeb) offers a simple, efficient and economical freight exchange tool for road transport professionals. B2P Web is a powerful platform with 30,000 daily users, with 70 new subscribers per month. A team of 50 people works at B2P Web with a sales force in the field.

B2P Web is growing, and has seen no less than 15 new employees arrive over the past 12 months. B2P Web has about 60 Windows users, and updates workstations with WAPT.

Deploy software and get an overview of the park with WAPT


  • B2P Web: a company that is growing
  • a physical establishment and nomadic posts
  • 60 users
  • 3 adminsys
  • Server OS : CentOS
  • 919 packages in the WAPT repository


B2P Web is a company that provides a Freight Exchange tool and is growing rapidly. This creates two problems on the information system side. The first is the configuration of the workstations when a new person arrives in the company. This need was met by the WPKG solution that Bastien HERMITTE, system administrator, used to install the software base of a workstation. The second issue is more common, it is that of a traditional SME: deploying software and updating it. According to Bastien, WPKG was less adapted to this problem because maintaining and updating its fleet was not practical with this tool. Before WAPT, he did the maintenance of the stations by hand.


  • Implementation of the WAPT solution in Community version
  • Use of WAPT documentation for WAPT implementation and package creation
  • Active participation on the mailing list for a quick and efficient resolution during the various blockages


Before, I did the maintenance of my fleet by hand, today I can configure my workstations from A to Z and have a view on the state of the fleet thanks to the WAPT console. The documentation is very complete, I went several times to pick it up and found what I wanted. The Centos part is not very well documented at the moment, but I go to the mailing list whenever I have a problem and get a quick answer.

– Bastien HERMITTE, System Administrator – B2P Web


  • Saving time for the B2P Web team
  • Project of an agent installation on nomadic workstations
  • 60 updated positions