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Sofia informatique manages three sectors of activity, elementary school and kindergarten (104 Sites), secondary schools with 8 colleges plus 3 new ones next year and finally TPME. WAPT is deployed and used in the 8 secondary schools, i.e. about 2000 stations. WAPT is being deployed in the elementary school and kindergartens that is about 3000 stations.

5000 administered stations

8 locations

7 sysadmin


“The demand for software installation in middle schools is the majority of our interventions. Teachers need software for a particular period or concept. Deployment needs to be done quickly and we needed to get feedback on the status of the deployment. We were using a class management solution with an AdminSys part but the deployment functionality was too cumbersome and not efficient. After some research we came across WAPT. I tested it and found the philosophy of the project very compatible with our operation. 80% of our interventions involve a request for installation or software updates.”

Bastien Travers, Managing Partner – Sofia

  • Sofia Informatique: an IT services company dedicated to the education sector and to SMEs
  • 8 colleges + one main server at Sofia informatique
  • 104 schools being deployed
  • 5000 posts in total
  • 7 adminsys
  • Server OS: CentOS
  • Homogeneous park on Windows 10 pro


  • Implementation of WAPT solution in Community version
  • Moving to Enterprise version for 3 colleges in progress
  • Active participation on the forum for quick and efficient resolution during various blockages


“WAPT allows you to create a software library and deploy a la carte, it takes time to create the packages but it is very quickly paid back by the quality and efficiency of the WAPT service.”

Bastien HERMITTE, System Administrator – B2P Web



  • Saving time for the Sofia IT team
  • Compliance across different schools/colleges
  • 5,000 items updated daily
  • Fast response for teachers

Video feedback

Some of our clients agreed to talk about their experience in pictures. Find them in the dedicated Youtube playlist: