Education - victor hugo middle school in narbonne

deploying heavy software on an aging fleet with wapt


Founded in 1887 in Narbonne (dpt 11), the college has 750 students and 120 staff members. The school has 22 classes, but also 10 special education classes and a Unité Locale d’Inclusion Scolaire. There are also classes dedicated to music and programs for students with high intellectual potential as well as a boarding school that can accommodate 32 students.

175 administered stations

1 location

1 sysadmin

The middle school infrastructure

The middle school has 3 separate physical networks as well as 3 separate domains that do not operate in VLANs. The only junction point is a gateway managed by the rectorate.

The Administrative domain is composed of 15 stations and can reach the other two domains. The pedagogical domain consists of 160 workstations and can reach the DMZ. The DMZ hosts the pronote server and can be reached from the outside.


3 distincts domains

42 deployed softwares

The issues encountered

The school was experiencing difficulties deploying heavy software (such as Libre Office). Deployment was done by GPO at computer startup and was becoming problematic on aging workstations. Yet the workstations had to be ready by 8:00 a.m.

Users (both students and teachers) were getting impatient and restarting the computer in the middle of deployment, which caused installation errors that required intervention.

The lack of real feedback was the biggest drawback of this solution. The system administrator had to regularly check that everything was up and running.



“If I don’t get feedback from users
it’s because it’s working properly.”

Joël LATIEULE, Collège Victor Hugo
IT Manager

Why use WAPT? 

For Victor Hugo Middle School, the strength of WAPT lies in the community mobilized around the software as well as the many packages that already exist and can be used without spending time creating them. In addition, many organizations in the same sector or of equivalent size are already using WAPT. The fact that the company is French was also a plus for the college.


The testing phase

  • 2 months of testing
  • Testing in the faculty lounge
  • 4 stations with daily use by 80 users

Version, support and training

Schools have a very limited budget, so the middle school opted for the Community version, without support or training.

The school depends on the department of Aude and it is difficult to obtain additional funding.


“When I gave it a try, I
directly saw the appeal. “

Joël LATIEULE, Collège Victor Hugo
IT Manager

What WAPT has done for Victor Hugo Middle School

Iit took a month to get feedback from all the teachers and properly define everyone’s software needs. This action facilitated the rapid implementation of WAPT.

Victor Hugo College benefits from the feedback that is made directly in the console to manage its fleet. WAPT allows to know if a package is correctly installed. Thus the adminsys can be sure that he does not need to go back to the stations.

WAPT also perfectly meets the college’s desire to deploy executable files without recompiling them in MSI and without using PsTools.

Estimated gains with the use of WAPT

According to the system administrator, for an equivalent action, WAPT saves 50% time. He even sees a very significant time savings when it comes to deploying a simple “.exe”. WAPT makes it easy to control and make scripts for each particular case.

WAPT avoids the need to use OCS or GLPI to perform software, system, hardware inventory (via WMI feedback) and to take control remotely with RDP or Veyon. The console allows for quick location of software on workstations, reducing the number of network requests.

Video feedback

Some of our clients agreed to talk about their experience in pictures. Find them in the dedicated Youtube playlist: