Managing Windows Update with WAPT Enterprise

WAPT Enterprise allows you to take back control of Windows updates! From the management console, you decide on the conditions of the updates to be deployed on your computer park! You can also filter the workstations on which you deploy Windows Updates for more flexibility and precision.

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Better Windows Update management with WAPT Enterprise

WAPT Enterprise gives you the opportunity to regain control over Windows Update! By using WAPT Enterprise, you decide the conditions for deploying Windows updates to your IT assets.

The many filtering options (deployment by AD group for example) that WAPT integrates give you full control to apply or not these updates. Once your update list is established, you can test it on a few workstations and then choose whether or not to deploy it, depending on the conclusion of the test phase. The time for unwanted updates is over!

Microsoft’s official method

WAPT Enterprise is based on Microsoft’s official method for creating Windows Updates. Windows updates are downloaded from the official Microsoft server but are stored on the WAPT server.

Bandwidth limitation

WAPT Enterprise allows you to use remote repositories to deploy your Windows updates. This way, you reduce downloading and limit bandwidth consumption.

Saving on license purchase

Using WAPT Enterprise to perform Windows Update allows you to avoid the need to purchase Windows server licenses. WAPT Enterprise can therefore be a source of savings for your infrastructure.

Reduced disk space

WAPT only downloads Windows updates that you have previously authorized in the management console. By limiting the download volume, you reduce the disk space required for this action.

Realize Windows Updates with more flexibility

WAPT WUA operating diagram

How WAPT Windows Update works:

  1. The WAPT server regularly downloads the update file from Microsoft servers.
  2. WAPT agents download this file to check if updates are available on the machines.
  3. Reporting allows you to define which updates are allowed or prohibited via the WAPT console.
  4. You deploy the Windows update package on the desired workstations.
  5. You benefit from a precise feedback on the deployment you have just made.

With WAPT Enterprise, you benefit from total flexibility in the deployment of Windows updates. You can schedule the scanning and downloading of Windows Update. You can also choose to launch the installation of updates when the machines stop or to push the deployment from the centralized management console. In addition, you have a wide choice of update deployment conditions, such as deployment by Organizational Units for example.

Good Security Practices Logo

Good safety practices:

It is also possible to choose a minimum publication time before installing a Windows update. This feature allows you to avoid installing updates as soon as they are released and to avoid compatibility problems with your computer equipment. In addition, with WAPT you can assign different levels of maturity to your update packages. This feature allows you to have a test environment for the Windows Update packages you deploy on your computer equipment.

What users are saying about WAPT

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I have no knowledge of Python language but I have managed to create my own packages. I look forward to version 1.5 with the websocket. THANK YOU for your work. I think this is the beginning of a great adventure with you….

Bastien Travers

Manager, Sofia Informatique

The skills and availability of the speakers are undeniable and allow us to make great strides forward. Samba4 is beautiful on paper, it’s better when it works: Tranquil IT masters its implementation perfectly. We opted for the TisBackup backup solution and also the Wapt deployment tool: perfectly operational “in-house” open source solutions.

Philippe AUGRAS

IT Manager, DRAC Limousin, Ministry of Culture and Communication

Tranquil IT has, unlike other IT service companies, the concern to really follow its customers beyond the eventual initial specifications. Very quickly, it quickly makes a difference to the quality of interventions.

Johann Leclercq

IT Manager, DRAC Pays de la Loire, Ministry of Culture and Communication