Sortie de WAPT 1.3

De nouvelles améliorations sont disponibles

Tranquil IT Systems, CARDON Vincent
logo-wapt-952*320 Voici les dernières nouvelles dans le développement de WAPT, avec la sortie de la version 1.3 disponible depuis le 18 décemenbre  2015 au téléchargement.

Setuphelpers :

Additional functions :

  • local_drives : return list of local drives, with capacity and available space
  • all_files : list all files of a directory, including files of subdirectories (but not the directories themselves)
  • create_onetime_task : create a task in windows scheduler which is run only one time (so is deleted after scheduled time)
  • installed_windows_updates : return list of installed updates, indepently from WUA agent
  • install_exe_if_needed : install conditionally an exe setup, checking minimum version, uninstall key and force flag (
  • install_msi_if_needed : install conditionally an msi, detect uninstall key and add it to uninstallkey list of package
  • ensure_list : given a list or a string, always return a list, or None if allowed. String is considered as a csv list.
  • registry_deletekey : Delete the key under specified registry path and all its values
  • uninstall_key_exists : Return True if supplied uninstall key exists eithe rin win32 or win64 part of uninstall registry.
  • reg_enum_subkeys : list the sub keys (= sub directories) of an opened key
  • reg_enum_values : list the value names associated with a registry key (opened with reg_openkey_noredir for example)
  • win_startup_info : return list of commands launched at windows startup in run registry key and common startup folder.
  • fix for create_onetime_task for windows 10 (Home ?) not working on some systems. use schtasks instead.
  • fix PackageEntry.match_search not working

Changes :

  • ensure_unicode : failover with replace for all types of data
  • wgets and wget : can optionnaly verify certificates. and use wapt user agent http headers, with no-cache pragma. raise exception earlier

Core :

  • FIX: incorrect  uninstallkey if nested call WAPT.install inside surrounding setup.install.
  • better tolerance to encoding issues.
  • fix waptserver discovery with SRV dns record
  • add optional dnsdomain in wapt-get.ini.
  • add optional verify_cert option (default to False) for waptserver access in wapt-get.ini
  • forget old host package if computer FQDN is changed
  • fix : check that there are no additional files in package content not checksummed in manifest.sha1 when unzipping
  • check systematically that declared uninstallkeys are found in registry after package install
  • allow session_setup to return a value different than None or zero to indicate a RETRY at next session logon
  • optionally includes packages with status ERROR for Wapt.is_installed(), WaptDB.installed_search, WaptDB.installed_matching. CBB : installed_search included errors by default in previous behaviour.
  • allow latest=1 in /status waptlocalservice utl


  • optionally filter newest only package (latest version) in waptconsole private repository or when importing from external
  • optionally filter newer than local packages in waptconsole when importing from external
  • display size of packages in repository grids
  • reorganize settings dialog to focus on most important parameters
  • allow several hosts and packages to be selected when cherry picking install, remove or forget packages in waptconsole inventory (cbb, user interface should be improved)
  • add wakeonlan feature for hosts running on same network as main waptserver
  • check md5 when downloading packages with waptconsole to avoid keeping incomplete or corrupted cached files
  • fix redirect from http to https not working in waptconsole
  • fix waptserver discovery with SRV dns record not working properly in waptconsole
  • HighDPI aware Waptconsole
  • logo changes


  • recheck waptserver authorized IP in waptservice if call failed with restricted access (so that next call succeeds)
  • use create_onetime_task windows scheduler instead of AT command to trigger a waptservice restart
  • better handling when computer often disconnect (sleep) or change from one network to another network
  • allow ?q= search in localservice /packages and /status


  • authenticate systematically the waptagent.exe file with a sha256 hash inside waptupgrade package or when using waptdeploy downloader (requires change in the GPO if gpo is used to deploy wapt automatically)
  • include waptagent.exe in waptupgrade package per default and trigger a full waptagent.exe install (through a windows scheduled task which uses waptdeploy) if upgrading from wapt < 1.3.0.
  • waptdeploy requires now --hash= option. --wait enable waptdeploy to wait for pending waptservice tasks to terminate before upgrading wapt.
  • fix for old wapt upgrade path


  • handles waptservice local authentication for wapt-get to allow install / remove as a non admin user.
  • add option to wapt-get --service  to force use of http webservice. default --direct for user members of computer administrators group
  • can pass waptserver user and password to wapt-get command line for automate package uploading tasks
  • guess package rootdir based on path of control in addition to files for development wapt-get tasks like install, remove, build-upload etc..
  • Fix command line parameters handling in wapt-get.exe


  • RPM package for waptserver on centos
  • use huey task pool in waptserver instead of uwsgi for portability
  • Fix waptserverpostconf not able to restart local waptservice properly


  • python upgraded to 2.7.10
  • many libraries upgraded (openssl, m2crypto, flask, psutils, etc...)
Le wiki communautaire de WAPT est toujours disponible à l'adresse suivante : La gestion de parc informatique n'a jamais été aussi simple, grâce à WAPT! WAPT est un logiciel de déploiement libre.