From SambaXP to Tranquil IT, now only a step away!

Andrew Bartlett and Sam Garming visit Tranquil It Systems

Tranquil IT Systems, FARGUES Camille

From SaMBaXP to Tranquil IT, now only a step away!

Andrew BARTLETT and Sam GARMING visits Tranquil IT Systems.

Last week, Tranquil IT joined the Samba Team at the annual SambaXP user and developer conference, in Göttingen, Germany. As well as the honour to present to an international audience about the successes in domain migration, it gave us the opportunity to meet with and have in-depth discussions with the Samba Team.

Tranquil IT Systems has been working with Andrew Bartlett, Douglas Bagnall and Sam Garming of Catalyst for 3 years now, and the chance to deepen our partnership is not to be missed. This time, as well as meeting with them at SambaXP, we brought them to Paris to meet several Ministries. Our clients in the french governement greatly appriciate the ability to meet with the world-wide experts in this field, and we are proud to present them.

Finally, we did not wish to leave our broader team out of this occasion, so Andrew, his father Bruce, and Sam went to visit us in Nantes in our offices. As Andrew's Dad Bruce had joined him for his european adventure, instead of participate to loooong meetings, Bruce spent the day with Alexandre, visiting Paris and its beautiful Eiffel Tower.

This gave us the occasion to speak a little more with them about Samba and our role in this beautiful project.

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