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Simplify the deployment of updates necessary for the security of the fleet


Fontenay-aux-Roses is a city in the Hauts-de-Seine department (92), located southwest of Paris. With nearly 25,000 inhabitants for 2.51 km², the city is one of the most densely populated in France. 

300 administered stations

15 locations

3 computer technicians

The city’s infrastructure

Matthieu Courtois is part of a team of 3 people with an Information Systems Director and a technician. The IT department is in charge of the management of a computer park composed of about 300 workstations. Approximately 80% of the machines run on Windows (7 or 10), and the rest on Linux servers. The IT infrastructure of the city of Fontenay-aux-Roses consists of 3 ESXi (containing 50 VMs), 1 SAN bay, 1 Oracle application server, 2 backup servers and 2 NAS servers. Between business applications and other configurations, Matthieu has packaged 32 software so far.

5 servers

32 packaged softwares

The problems encountered in Fontenay-aux-Roses

The city’s IT department had a total inconsistency between the stations. There was no management of the park, it was totally random. Some workstations could face problems that others did not. All of this led to poor monitoring of workstation updates and therefore potential security problems for the entire fleet. 


“”It’s simple, we choose the updates,
deploy them and track them in real time.”

Matthieu COURTOIS, City of Fontenay-aux-Roses
Systems & Networks Administrator


Why use WAPT? 

The idea, for Matthieu Courtois, the sole administrator of the park, was to find a way to homogenize his computer park for more security. WAPT makes it possible to secure his park through regular and controlled updates of the software used by users and to ensure proper monitoring via a centralized console.

La phase de test

  • Test sur WAPT Community
  • 1 an de test
  • Mise en place petit à petit sur le parc

Versioning, support, and training

The city of Fontenay-aux-Roses used WAPT Community for a year before opting for the Enterprise version. This first step allowed the system and network administrator to conduct a test over several months, despite the absence of certain features specific to the Enterprise version of the software. The deployment was then done little by little during the migration of the park to Windows 10 (migration facilitated by WAPT).

Since switching to the Enterprise version, Matthew has not had to resort to his support tickets. He considers that the installation was simple, especially thanks to the available documentation and that with a little willpower, Python is not that complicated!


“We don’t have to do anything, everything is automatic!”

Matthieu COURTOIS, City of Fontenay-aux-Roses
Systems & Networks Administrator


What WAPT has brought to Fontenay-aux-Roses

WAPT has allowed Matthieu Courtois to keep control of his fleet by having a detailed and complete monitoring of the activity of the machines he manages from a single console. Thanks to this remote management, the system administrator can maintain the security of his computer park through the good management of Windows Update, simply and quickly. The WAPT centralized console allows him to benefit from a complete hardware inventory.

Also, to take back control of his computer park, the technician preferred to reinstall all the workstations at the time of WAPT implementation, allowing him to start again on a good basis and to have an identical process for all workstations.

Estimated gains with the use of WAPT

A “monstrous” time saving was noted by Matthew, estimating that he saved about 30 minutes/day/station thanks to the automation of tasks and the limitation of travel from station to station in the company.

The use of WAPT allows the system and network adminstrator to ensure consistency between the workstations of his computer park and thus perfect the proper functioning and security.

Video feedback

Some of our clients agreed to talk about their experience in pictures. Find them in the dedicated Youtube playlist: