Our support and resources

We have put in place many tools to support you in the use of WAPT! This page contains all the support and resources that we make available to WAPT users. We have also set up several community support platforms to promote exchange and mutual assistance around WAPT.

Support offerFree support

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This is the most effective solution to get started on WAPT! In two or three days, you will discover how the software works and learn how to use it. We end this training by putting your own WAPT server into production so you are ready to act on your computer equipment!

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Encounter a problem using WAPT? You can contact us to take up your challenge! To overcome an obstacle you can benefit from our additional package of 20 support tickets of 15 minutes, available for purchase, valid for one year.
*This offer does not include package creation assistance.

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Sometimes the package creation wizard and the Setup Helpers library are not enough to create the package of your dreams. Don’t worry, it is still possible to ask us to develop this famous package for you. We estimate with you the complexity of the project and we propose a tailor-made estimate.

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Our complimentary support


Our documentation is freely accessible and supports you when you have any questions about how the software works. This is the best way to find the safest solution to your problem.


The forum is an exchange space dedicated to the users of our solutions. Many tips are already on the forum but don’t hesitate to share your questions or knowledge with other users. We also intervene on this forum from time to time.

Mailing List

The mailing list is a second place for community exchange. This is the best way to get a quick answer if you have a problem. You can count on our community and our team to keep the mailing list alive.

Github Depot

You can find the official WAPT repository on Github. Thus, you can freely contribute to the development of WAPT with us.

Tutorials and webinars

On our Youtube channel, you will find presentations of new versions, feedback, tutorials and webinars that we host.

Security alert

We share on Twitter the updates alerts of the most used software. The WAPT Store allows you to quickly update the software you use.

Discover the WAPT store

The WAPT Store is the official repository for software packages that are developed by Tranquil IT. All you have to do is download the package of your choice, check its compatibility with your computer equipment and deploy it on the workstations you want. By using the WAPT Store, you no longer even need to develop the packages you need.