Starter Pack of 20 WAPT support tickets (15 minutes)

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A question? A problem?

Your WAPT specialist is accessible with one phone call!!

Benefit from Tranquil IT's expert support on WAPT to help you integrate WAPT within your network!

WAPT allows you deploy, maintain, audit and remove software and configurations on your installed base of Windows devices.

Tranquil IT is the leading developer of WAPT, so you'll get all the answers right all the time. With our support, you'll feel the comforting presence of battle trained IT warriors on your side.

The standard pack of 5 hours of support, divided in 20 increments of 15 minutes and renewable annually, is a starter pack. If you feel that your need for support goes beyond the standard starter pack, you may choose to go for more units at a priviledged discount.

The WAPT Starter Pack comes in two variants:
- support on the base install will provide you answers on your daily usage of WAPT;
- support on WAPT package creation will provide you answers on effective packaging of software and configurations within the WAPT framework;

The two variants are two separate contracts that will give you access to our specialized personnel according to the contract subscribed.

The units in your starter pack are valid from #START# to #END#.

Une difficulté ? Qui mieux que les développeurs pour vous aider ?

Bénéficiez du support expert de Tranquil IT Systems sur WAPT pour vous aider à vous surpasser avec votre usage de WAPT.

WAPT est simple et une documentation riche existe pour couvrir les situations courantes.

Cenpendant, le packaging de logiciels reste une science complexe qui peut parfois vous consommer du temps.

Grâce aux tickets de support, vous ressentirez la présence de professionnels à votre côté.

Le pack de 20 tickets de 15 minutes renouvelable annuellement est un pack starter, à utiliser comme vous le voulez.

Si vous sentez que vos besoins dépassent le pack starter, une tarification dégressive s'applique pour des quantités supérieures.